KHAIZAN is one of the most popular brands among Malaysians. It was founded as early as 2015 by young couple Pn Norrizan Nasir and her husband En Khairuddin Abd Karim.

KHAIZAN offers the design and style of Muslim clothes that are beautifully considered beside sharia, loose and loose. Currently, KHAIZAN.co has a boutique in Kota Tinggi, Johor and is also doing business online to expand KHAIZAN.co brand internationally and worldwide.


Become distributor modern ‘Baju Kurung’ Modern, Modest, Modish and  affordable Number 1 in Malaysian in 2025.


Give inspiration to woman nowadays especially those careers to emphasise appearance which is elegant and stylish.

Offers ‘Baju Kurung’ with Modern, Modest, Modish design and pattern.